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"Submission to a dominating influence"

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. 2010.
http://www.merriam-webster.com (August 2010)

There is no mention of race, sex, or creed in this definition. If you cannot defend yourself you are no better off than a slave. Everyone who gives up their rights, or allows their rights to be taken away, is a slave.

"Elect our government representatives to represent us, not enslave us."

To ensure that our liberties are not infringed, we must be vigilant, we must vote, and we must do so with wisdom.


Here we list some of our favorite links and other things we found interesting.

The Virtual Wall Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Virtual Wall - Vietnam Veterans Memorial

National Rifle Association of America

National Rifle Association linked logo

R.K. Shows has a reputation for bringing the highest quality gun shows, with over 15 years of excellence in the making.

R. K. Shows

A good source for firearms news, discussion and information...

Curio and Relic

Many of us do our best to be attentive to what is happening in our world today. However, with the bombardment from the media and the fearful attitude of the general public, those who wish to open their eyes will find it harder and harder to see. Make no mistake friends, the wolf is here, and he's in sheep's clothing. It is unfortunate that speaking of the wolf is taboo, but not here...

If you want to know more go to...

Preparedness Now

Anyone ever tell you to "get a clue"? This is where you get one...

Get A Clue

He's extreme, in your face, and takes the art of being brutally honest to a new level. Politically correct? You'd better look elsewhere. If you can't play with the big dogs then stay on the porch.

Operation Morningstar

Second Amendment - Firearms Ownership Advocacy Groups
Activism and informational organizations for the preservation of firearms ownership in the USA.

Firearm ownership advocacy groups


State and Local Sportsman Clubs & Gun Rights Organizations

Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed

Justice William Smith House, Mercersburg, PA -- Birthplace of the Second Amendment in 1765.

Birthplace of 2nd amendment

Other Organizations at Constitution.org