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"Submission to a dominating influence"

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. 2010.
http://www.merriam-webster.com (August 2010)

There is no mention of race, sex, or creed in this definition. If you cannot defend yourself you are no better off than a slave. Everyone who gives up their rights, or allows their rights to be taken away, is a slave.

"Elect our government representatives to represent us, not enslave us."

To ensure that our liberties are not infringed, we must be vigilant, we must vote, and we must do so with wisdom.

Missouri Weapons and Self-Defense Law

Missouri Weapons and Self-Defense Law

From The Back Cover:


This powerful reference tool uses Missouri law as a framework to discuss weapons and self-defense cases and problems across the country. A MUST for every Missouri gun owner.

A Special Forces ("Green Beret") veteran and an attorney since 1983, Kevin L. Jamison concentrates on weapons and self-defense law. The author of numerous legal and popular articles on the subject, he taught legal classes at Avila College and is a certified Personal Protection instructor.

Price: $23.95


Gun and Knife Law Book

The Traveler's Gun & Knife Law Book

About this book:

If you ever travel with firearms or carry a gun or knife for personal protection, you need this book. The traveler's gun & knife law book is the essential resource for travelers, hunters, and concealed-carry permit holders. Written by an attorney, the traveler's gun and knife law book explains the key laws and regualtions in plain english for each state, including off-limits locations, firearms transport and carry rules for those with and without concealed-carry permits, carring in state parks and forests, and more. For the many travelers and hunters who carry knives, each state's knife carry laws are also explained in plain english.

Price: $14.95


Duped America

Duped America

About This Book:

While many Americans today are unhappy with the Democrat Party, they are equally dissatisfied with Republicans. Author Richard Bernstein, a former lifelong Democrat, believes that much of that dissatisfaction is due to the numerous lies perpetrated by Democrats and the mainstream media to discredit the GOP. His new, fact-filled book, Duped America, exposes those lies once and for all—while revealing the Democrats' dangerous ideology, damaging policies and dubious relationships with special-interest groups, all of which threaten the well-being of our country.

What if Americans knew: Democrats are leaving the country increasingly vulnerable to our enemies? • The facts—as opposed to the lies—regarding the war in Iraq? • The real story behind the financial meltdown of 2008? • Which party is truly the "Party of Wall Street?"

What if Americans understood: How Democrat economic policies will lead to fiscal Armageddon? • How ObamaCare will decimate our health system? • The unholy alliances between the Democrat Party and special-interest groups? • Democrat energy policies make energy more expensive—and less available?

What if Americans discovered: • That the "green jobs" agenda is really a job killer? • Which party is really looking out for black Americans? • The "Saul Alinsky agenda" for radicalizing America adopted by the Obama administration? • That Democrats are attempting to stifle dissent and manipulate the election process?

Author Richard Bernstein is on a mission. 9/11 had a profound impact on the life-long Democrat. As a result, he began to question all of the political beliefs he had held for a lifetime. He began to do extensive investigation...

What he found astonished him. Much of the so-called prevailing "wisdom" turned out to be nothing more than opinion masquerading as news at best—or outright lies at worst. Moreover, he discovered that the mainstream media was more than willing to aid and abet this ongoing deception of the American public.

His new book, Duped America, is a fact-filled sledgehammer designed to smash through the walls of politically correct misinformation and get to the truth. While most political books tend to focus on one or two subjects, Duped America is an easily readable compendium covering all of the most important issues facing America today—and how Democrats and the media have long manipulated those issues for partisan gain.

Bernstein believes a well-informed public is the best antidote to the onslaught of propaganda perpetrated by Democrats and their media echo chamber. Each chapter provides the reader with enough ammunition to refute progressive talking points with the one element that drives them crazy in any debate: irrefutable facts. Facts which present a clear understanding of the past, the present, and where we might be headed in the future—if we don't wake up.

Richard Bernstein has provided that wake-up call. If you're one of the many Americans who "want their country back, " Duped America is a must-read.

About the Author

This is author Richard Bernstein's first book. After 9/11, Bernstein re-examined everything he was taught to believe about American politics and the mainstream media. His research revealed disturbing discoveries, prompting this lifelong Democrat to become a Republican and write a book about what he learned. He is not a professional pundit, politician or celebrity, but rather an ordinary American very concerned about the future of our country concerned enough to warn his fellow Americans that they re being duped. Mr. Bernstein received a bachelor's degree in Economics in 1974 and also holds a law degree.

Price: $26.99


Vicki, Sam, and America

Vicki, Sam, and America

From the back cover:

In August of 1992, Randy Weaver was shot, his friend Kevin Harris was shot, and his wife Vicki, and his son Sam, were shot and killed. This incident marked a day of infamy for the federal government, as they were the ones responsible for each shooting. Randy’s first book, The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge, explained what happened to him and his family that horrific day. This book, Vicki, Sam, and America, explains how it happened and why it happened. This sequel is a must read for every American, as it divulges the corruption behind the murders at Ruby Ridge. This book is a wake up call; so each can see for himself the tyranny befalling our country and the urgency that exists to stand for constitutional liberty!

Price: $20.00


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A set of six from the North American Hunting Club. These books are excellent reading for local game and sport hunters. $7.50 each or $30.00 for all six. Titles are "Hunting Trophy Black Bear", "Hunting Whitetails Successfully", "For Big Bucks Only", "All About Elk", "Mastering Mule Deer" and "Modern Waterfowl Hunting".